High quality wood

Our company adopts the world's top

wood all made by hand, system

Make archaize sound not only let music

not only pleasure hearing,Become more

visual enjoyment.

      Classic version

Our company product version from

European classical furniture as inspiration

Stimulating infinite visual pleasure to enjoy,

in order to implements

   Professional custom

According to the relevant needs of

customers, to make the most perfect, the

most Perfect design. One-on-one type set

for life Service, ensure the personalization

of specificity and uniqueness.

    Lapping details

Pay attention to each customer's needs

and personality, choose the most fit

Each customer characteristics of


Step in the foretime

Dear Friends

Since the first gramophone was given birth in 1877, earlier machines for playing songs became the wonderful memories of the humankind.

Now, AEW (Antique Electronic-Art-Woodwork Ltd.) can bring you back to the past. Let us step in the foretime to experience the nostalgia.

Classical Design

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